Proven Results

Our team of professional lawyers will help you seek justice after suffering an injury.  

We have handled thousands of cases. Here are some of our results that speak for themselves:

$1,380,000– Jury verdict for a local turnaround worker injured while commuting to the plant.  

$1,100,000– Settlement after mediation for driver who sustained shoulder injury in a rear-end automobile accident.

$1,045,000– Settlement for an offshore worker injured by third party during helicopter safety training.

$600,000– Settlement for shopper injured when merchandise fell on her causing significant neck injury.

$1,500,000– Settlement after mediation for local driver rear ended by a dump truck on Alexandria traffic circle.

$450,000– Recovery for a retiree who was injured in an automobile accident which ultimately aggravated a pre-existing back condition necessitating surgery.

$1,100,000– Was recovered as part of a confidential settlement due to a catastrophic event.  The attorneys of Roy, Scott, & James agreed to represent the injured client, after numerous attorney’s declined the case.  The attorneys of Roy, Scott, & James worked tirelessly over the course of several years, against lawyers for numerous insurance companies, ultimately receiving exceptional results for their client.

$425,000.00 (Settlement) Elliot Jordan
While attempting to visit the home of a friend, an Avoyelles Parish man tripped and fell over significant separation/crack present in concrete walkway and severely injured his lower back.

$1,045,000.00 (Settlement) Teska Moreau
Offshore worker injured while engaging in helicopter training course wherein company conducting the training course provided insufficient/improper drill instructions leading to cervical spine and shoulder injury along with exacerbation of a prior lumbar spine injury. Plaintiff underwent surgical intervention to both neck and back in connection with the same incident.

$214,500.00 (Settlement) Steve Blanchard
Truck driver was struck by driver/thief of stolen vehicle occasioning cervical spine injury to plaintiff driver after the employee of owner of stolen vehicle left keys in vehicle on public roadway. Plaintiff’s treating neurosurgeon recommended cervical fusion.

$265,000 (Settlement) Jeremy Guillot
Husband and father involved in automobile accident resulting in severe cervical injuries leading to plaintiff undergoing cervical fusion.

$287,000.00 (Combined Settlement) Preston Stelly/Ronald Dauzat
Two gentlemen negligently injured in automobile accident in Rapides Parish wherein one party sustained serious neck injuries.

$2,100,000.00 (Settlement) Sam Blankenship
Elderly gentleman injured in automobile accident sustained injuries to hand, leg, and back.

$480,000.00 (Settlement) Kevin Johnson
Avoyelles Parish gentleman injured in automobile accident resulting in lower back surgical intervention.

$375,000.00 (Settlement) Clayton Jordan
While walking in parking lot, gentleman tripped and fell over dangerous impediment negligently allowed to remain on premises by landowner occasioning lower back injuries.

$750,000.00 (Settlement) Vincent St. Romain
Gentleman sustained significant neck injuries resulting from automobile accident.

$1,500,000.00 (Settlement) Darren Rabalais
Construction company dump truck negligently collided with vehicle driven by gentleman on the Alexandria south traffic circle occasioning surgical intervention for lower back injuries.

$1,200,000.00 (Settlement) Chad Odom
Avoyelles Parish gentleman significantly injured by a negligent driver while working in Baton Rouge. The accident resulted in serious lower back injuries ultimately leading to lumbar surgery.

$14,856,491.00 (Combined Jury Verdict) Ronnie Durand
Two Avoyelles Parish men injured by defective tractor resulting in significant injuries. The jury determined that the tractor manufacturer was 100% at fault for tractor being capable of starting while in gear and without the manufacturer key. (Or we can use our Facebook blurb).

$1,380,000.00 (Jury Verdict) Tracey Deaville
After a three day trial, jury awarded a gentleman injured in automobile accident while driving to his employment damages as compensation for significant lower back injuries.